Here is what Sleepytime Consulting's clients are saying:

"Miles was waking up during the night and not napping for longer than 30 minutes at a time.  One night he wouldn't go back to sleep when he woke at 2 AM, and I resorted to sleeping with him on the couch.  We were miserable the next morning.  That day, I met Paula, and I knew that consulting with a sleep expert would be necessary.  Our meeting was productive, insightful, and really quite enjoyable.  It was nice to talk with someone who not only understood our issues, but knew how to fix them.  I felt ashamed of some of the tactics I had resorted to to get Miles to sleep, but Paula never passed judgment or made me feel like I had done things the 'wrong way.'  We outlined a plan to getting Miles rested.

Paula and I established a healthy schedule.  Miles hadn't been getting enough sleep and so we talked about how much sleep he needed and appropriate gaps between naps.  This was profound for me, as we were able to take into account our older son's schedule and find a way for Miles to still take naps in his crib.  The plan also included teaching Miles to fall asleep on his own. 

Because of my consultation with Paula, we now have long naps, no night waking, and an all-around rested family.  Her support was so very valuable to us."

- Melanie, mother of 6-month old Miles


"My husband and I are so grateful to Paula for helping us to teach our son to sleep though the night.  While I was a bit skeptical that it would be easy to transition him from the 'bad habits' into being a perfect sleeper, it only took three nights. I was very hesitant to do anything that would make Dylan cry, and Paula emotionally supported and coached me through the process. The plan that we created changed our old tearful bedtime and night wakings into easy and peaceful sleep for the whole family. The result was that my son became a great sleeper in a very short period of time.

Paula brought much-needed sleep into our household, and for that we cannot thank her enough!"

- Dara, mother of 18-month-old Dylan



Dear Paula,

Thank you so much for your help moving the entire Lewis family towards getting a good night's sleep.

For the first time in over a year and a half, Sam (age 4 1/2) slept through the night in his own bed. Last night he even slept for 12 hours! His preschool teachers notice that he is not complaining about being tired, and he has definitely improved concentration. 

Sam feels so proud of himself every morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

- Marlene and Steve, parents of 4 1/2 year-old Sam



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