How is poor sleep affecting my child?
Children need the proper amount of sleep to develop physically, cognitively, and socially. Without enough sleep, children don't function as well; their concentration, behavior, ability to form friendships, and capacity to learn suffer. Babies and children who sleep through the night are happier during the day and are poised to embrace what the world around them has to offer. These are the reasons why sleep has become a major health issue flagged by pediatricians.

How can Sleepytime Consulting help my family?
Learning to sleep will be extremely beneficial for your child and will help your family in many other ways.  With your child sleeping through the night, you'll get a good night's sleep too and will have more energy to enjoy and bond with him or her.  With your child sleeping soundly, you'll also have time at night for yourself or to spend with your spouse. Good sleep helps the whole family!

When can babies learn to sleep through the night?
We can devise a sleep plan for most babies who are four months old and 14 pounds.

I have tried various methods to get my child to sleep and none have helped. Why will this work?
Many families make great efforts to get their kids to sleep and don't have success. Typically, in these situations, there is something specific that is affecting the child's sleep learning process. Once we talk about your particular situation, going through all of the details, we'll be able to figure out what is preventing your baby/child from sleeping better. With a new program, you'll be amazed how quickly and how much better your child will sleep.

Is my child going to cry for a long time?
No parents want their child to cry.  Unfortunately, when children learn new skills or undergo change, they get frustrated and sometimes cry.  An important 2006 study on sleep found that no matter how gentle the sleep training technique, once children become accustomed to falling asleep with help (e.g., rocked, held, nursed), they almost always respond with tears for a few nights when they are left alone.  It is important for parents to know that Sleepytime Consulting's methods are "least-cry" solutions that were designed to minimize tears and frustration.  Keep in mind that healthy sleep habits prevent tears in the long run!  

How long does your program take?
If you are consistent with your sleep plan, you'll see that your child will learn very quickly. Typically children learn to sleep within 3-5 nights when you set up the proper conditions that will enable them to learn.  

What if I am still feeding my baby in the middle of the night?
When we meet, we will talk about your current feeding schedule and your baby's feeding needs for his or her age and weight. Our plan will take into account various factors, including what your baby needs and whether you are still breast-feeding.

Do you work with toddlers who sleep in beds?
Yes. If you have a toddler who doesn't go to sleep easily and ends up in your bed every night, you are certainly not alone. Sleepytime Consulting helps children up to age five learn to go to sleep more easily and stay asleep!

My child has reflux/constipation/some other medical issue. Can we still utilize your services?
As long as your child has been treated by a physician for his or her medical issues and the symptoms are under control, we can proceed. If your child is still experiencing symptoms, you should ask your doctor if it's okay to begin sleep learning now.





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