Sleepytime Consulting helps children and their families get the sleep they need.  Sleep deprivation is a very common problem among families with small children, and as you know from experience, it's a problem that doesn't often get better on its own. There are many books that offer very helpful assistance with sleep issues. What's missing from this type of information is a customized approach tailored to the needs of your child and your family. Sleepytime Consulting offers this valuable service - a step-by-step plan that will help your child learn to sleep in a very short period of time.

The methods utilized by Sleepytime Consulting have been used successfully by thousands of parents around the country.  Sleepytime Consulting's founder Paula Ives was trained by Jill Spivack, LCSW, who has been a pediatric sleep consultant and parenting expert for more than 15 years.  Spivack has appeared on several national television shows, speaking about various parenting topics including sleep. 

Paula is the mother of two young children, and like many other parents, she had a baby who did not sleep well. After turning to Spivack for help, Paula's daughter became an excellent sleeper who goes to bed happily and sleeps all night long.  Utilizing Spivack's methods, Paula's family quickly went from exhausted and cranky to rested and happy.  The amazing transformation in her family and her desire to help other families led Paula to transition her career and create Sleepytime Consulting.  Prior to Sleepytime Consulting, Paula held positions in marketing, human resources, and as an attorney.   

Sleepytime Consulting utilizes a gentle and quick approach to resolving sleep issues for children up to age five. Paula develops a customized plan for each child, taking into account the needs of every family member.  With this personalized help, you can expect much better sleep for your whole family - typically within a few days!

Sleepytime Consulting is available for in-person consultations in the New York Tri-State area and phone consultations nationwide.


Sleepytime Consulting, LLC      Email: paula@sleepytimeconsulting.com      Phone: 917-597-9971